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  Desiccant Factory of Nuclear Industry Hengda Inc. (the domestic largest self-heating product manufacturer) is a military company which provides productive specialization of various kinds of warm pads. Our main products are Sunle warm pads, hand warmers, foot warmers, abdomen warmers, food heaters, medical heaters, disposable ice bags, reusable ice bags and OEM products.

    Since 2002 when the disposable self-heating products were produced with the military technologies, we have set up the goal to improve the life quality of the people who suffering from the severe winter cold by relieving the pains, and to warm up your life with the sciences and technologies. In 2003, a self-heating research center was established in our company. The most advanced automatic production line was imported from Japan with RMB10 million in 2004, to make OEM self-heating products for Hong Kong, Taiwan Area, USA, Canada, EU, Japan and Russia. We attained ISO9001 international quality system certification and American FDA certification. With the unique thermal reactor and micro control membrane technologies, in 2005 we put the lines of self- heating products with top class quality and cheap prices into the market. It is possible to have the disposable self-heating products used by all families of the world.

    In 2007, we produced the products of our own brand: "Sunle" body warmers. As a famous company, from the very beginning of the business, we have been attaching importance to the brand establishment. Sunle is used as the company trade name. For the convenience of the management, we named the body warmer "Sunle" that was registered at the state trade mark administrative bureau. The "Sunle" body warmers have become a leading brand in China body warmer industry.

    In line with the strategy of "sincerity first, quality paramount", the "Sunle" body warmers have won remarkable achievements, based on the practical needs, development policy of "development with famous brands", insisting on the brand strategy of "foundation of quality, sincerity and brands; guideline of market; and center of customers", with joint efforts of all employees. The products have won the certification of ISO quality system, company of contract and credit keeping, provincial advanced sanitation company and the American FDA. The products create company cultures with the strategic forward-looking attitude, mission responsibility of invigorating national brands, team spirit of striving development, to form the company cultures of career respect, harmony and development, in order to realize Sunle modern management with science and technology, large scale industry, social capital, international brands for ensuring the self-overtaking, glorious and sustainable development in line with times.

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